Chimay & Michel Couvreur Boilermaker Dinner

The Websters team are once again proud to invite you to experience a unique and exciting evening that features Michel Couvreur boutique French whiskys, a selection of imported French & Belgian Ales, and a three course paired dinner. Our Executive Chef, Mark Cukeric, has incorporated both the ale and whisky into his cooking process, celebrating French and Belgian culinary traditions, to ensure your dining experience is an unforgettable one.

This collection of both extremely limited and rare whiskys and ales will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we encourage you to book your place today.

Michel Couvreur Whisky Range:

1: Clearach
Typical to very young malts with almonds and frangipane (red jasmine) fragrance, nice grassy freshness with a slight touch of honey. Lively in the mouth, its maturation in wine casks, despite its young age, is revealing some silky elegance. Possessing young spirit’s intense and lively characteristics, it displays the flavours of first vinous impregnations.

2: Fleeting O
Natural strength bottling, no filtration, silky texture, no strong alcohol feelings, very smooth thanks to its age. Very elegant rancio gives fresh balanced complexity, lightly toasted flavors can remind old tawnies.

3: Candid
Amber tint with ruby reflections. Mellow with roasted almond notes with a soft pungency. Floral and intense nose. Recalling “Intravagan’za” fruity and spicy tastes. Intense to the palate, very mellow with a soft peaty liquorice touch. Power-full slightly toasted. Almond freshness with peppery spice. Nice thirst-quenching fruity taste. Gentle peat and liquorice are essential to its depth.

4: Special Vatting
Beige amber tint. Fragrances of Sherry, leather, tobacco, fruity wood. Silky texture, powerful and very length in mouth.

5: Overaged
Beige amber tint. Fragrance of dried flowers, flaxen tobacco, sherry wine, fat almond, a little smoked.
Fruity, powerful and long in the mouth. Aimed at a balance between new pure young malts and fathomless maturity of older ones. End of mouth: sherry roundness enhanced by a slightly smoked.

Belgian & French Ales:

1: Chimay Doree
Belgian Blonde, 4.8% ABV
2: Trois Monts
French Strong Golden Ale, 8.5% ABV
3: Gavroche
French Strong Red Ale, 8.5% ABV


4: RUM EDITION – Belgian Barrel Aged Strong Ale, 10.5% ABV
36% French oak
42% American oak
22% Rum
5: COGNAC EDITION – Belgian Barrel Aged Strong Ale, 10.5% ABV
38% French oak – second utilization
22% American oak – second utilization
22% New cognac barrels
18% New chestnut


Couvreurs Fleeting whisky cured salmon, pickled cucumbers & fennel, Trois Monts hollandaise sauce w/ toasted brioche

Gavroche beef cheek carbonnade, Stoemp potatoes, honey roasted endives & parsnips w/ fried parsley

Overaged malt whisky steeped chocolate brownie, Grand Reserve Chimay chocolate jus, vanilla bean ice cream with a chocolate wafer

The event will take place at 7pm on our middle floor (Websters Bourbon Bar & Grill) on Wednesday, 21st of March. Tickets are $75 per person, and are extremely limited. So be sure to contact us today to book your seat.

PH: (02) 9519 1511

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