On Wednesday, 2nd of October at 7pm, we are presenting our FINAL Whisky Event of the year, and what a lineup we have!

WHAT: A World Tour of Tastings including 10 whiskys from across the globe, 5 craft beers from Young Henrys Brewing & a paired 3 course dinner

WHEN: Wednesday, 2nd of Oct @ 7pm

WHERE: Bourbon Bar & Grill (Middle Floor) Websters Bar, 323 King St, Newtown.

TICKETS: $59PP (No Refunds)


The first stop on our world tour is Ireland, with the Dublin Liberties 5 Year Old Oak Devil, a devilish blend of malt and grain whisky,

This will be paired with YH Rockfella Oyster Gose, a sour/gose style with 40 shucked oysters added to the kettle during the brewing process.

After this, we touch down in Japan, for the Kurayoshi Pure Malt Bourbon Cask, made with whiskys sourced from Scottish distilleries, blended with Japanese whisky and volcanic-stone-filtered water. Alongside the Kurayoshi will be a Scottish Highlands whisky – The Balblair 1989, a full-bodied malt with rich aromas of raisin, green apple and hints of banana and lemon. Aged in American ex-bourbon oak barrels, which lend a memorable warm toffee, vanilla fragrance.

These will be paired with YH Rumming with the Devil – A ravishing Brown Ale made as a collaboration with Sydney’s Brix Distillers, with Aussie Raisins steeped in Brix White Rum.

Over to Kentucky, US for the Barton’s 1792 Small Batch Bourbon, a high-rye whisky, heavy on vanilla & caramel. Brash and bold, yet smooth and balanced. On its side, From Wick, on the for north of Scotland, the immaculate Old Pulteney 25yr. Aged firstly in American oak, its spicy sweetness was later granted depth and colour by casks of Spanish oak. Elegant and charismatic, this wonderful whisky embodies both Wick’s spirit of endurance and Pulteney Distillery’s devotion to its craft.

Paired with YH Collaboration with Collective Arts, Rye IPA. In a sea of juicy IPAs, this beer is a drop of resin; the syrupy body brings West Coast flavours, along with layers of cocoa and spice coming in at the finish.

Back to our home turf for one of our 2nd last whiskys, with Recent winner of Best Australian Whisky Innovator and Best Craft Distilled Whisky in the world in 2016 – Starward Distillery. We will be tasting NOVA, an expression aged in vibrant, Australian Red Wine barrels, The barrels are not charred, to retain the unique wine to oak character. This will accompany the Ancnoc 18yr old, which has been matured in a combination of oloroso sherry and bourbon casks, all of which were second-fill barrels. An aromatic and sweet Highlander. The complex palate includes dry cinnamon bark, cracked black pepper and orange zest, with a background of stewed fruit.

We will be pairing the NOVA & Ancnoc 18yr with another Aussie Icon, the Young Henry’s Newtowner – A delicious Aussie style Pale Ale that put YH on the map. Starting locally, available (originally) to customers in the 2046 Inner West postcode, it became so insanely popular they released it nationally, and it is now one of their most sought-after core range beers. This speaks true of the Young Henrys slogan which they live & breathe – ‘Serve the People.’

Four our final pairing, we visit Goa, India, the home of John Distilleries. Paul John ‘Edited’ is an Indian single malt whisky created by Master Distiller Michael John using Indian 6-row barley as well as peated Scottish barley. The final vatting contains 15% of the peated spirit with maturation taking place in bourbon casks. Notes of toasted cereal, honey, spiced wood & mocha with a hint of peat. With the Edited, wil be one of Ancnoc’s ‘peaty’ series. Peatheart. Produced at Knockdhu distillery in Aberdeenshire, this is AnCnoc’s smokiest-ever whisky and a welcome addition to the core range for fans of their ‘Peaty’ series. Peatheart is a single malt with intense smoke followed by orchard and citrus fruit notes.

The drink pairings will be accompanied by a paired three course dinner, from our Multi-Awarded Executive Chef, Mark Cukeric, which will incorporate the beer & whisky into the cooking process.

* * * * *


Dublin Liberties 5yr

Oyster Gose

Kurayoshi Pure Malt Bourbon Cask & Balblair 1989

Rumming with the Devil

1792 Small Batch & Old Pulteney 25yr


Starward Nova & AncNoc 18yr


Paul John Edited & AncNoc Peatheart

Double Drop IPA

* * * * *



Smoked chicken croquettes w/ sundries tomatoes and basil mayo


Whisky glazed pulled pork slider w/ apple n’ fennel slaw & hot sauce mayo


Chicken & bacon Ballantine stuffed w/ chorizo and basil mousse, potato champ, French beans & Romesco jus

* * * * *


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